WhoWe Are

At GarageSkins, we firmly believe that God is in control of our company and trust in Him for guidance and wisdom.

We welcome any and all, and run our company in an inclusive, open atmosphere that leaves all doors open to experiencing His grace and goodness.

We are committed to producing high quality products that not only enhance peoples’ homes but encourage a sense of well-being in their day-to-day lives.

We support our community and give back at every chance, knowing full well the welcome and support that has been shown to us in North Idaho.

Where We Started

In 2005 GarageSkins Inc. founder and product developer Rick Medlen had a modest home built in Creswell, Oregon and really wanted a nice, solid wood carriage house styled garage door.

Unfortunately, the best price he could find was $8500, so he did what millions of Americans have done, namely settled for a boring metal overhead door.

That's when his engineering background kicked in and after several attempts, he finally hit on a great solution – real wood veneers bonded to very lightweight underlayments with incredibly strong rare earth magnets inset into them.

We Love Challenges

Seven years of prototyping, lab and real-world testing, education and partnerships have brought us to a point where our amazing GarageSkins systems are ready for market! You can check out our section with our lab testing results and the real world systems we have in place are holding up incredibly well, even after five years.

Our systems have survived Florida hurricanes, Alaskan winters, and Houston floods.

We are fortunate to have advisors on board that have led very large manufacturing companies.

We also have amazing partners surrounding us to provide great raw materials and services, and we are excited to finally be able to provide a real solution for what’s been a pretty large hole in the home improvement marketplace – dressing up an existing garage door without replacement or breaking the bank.

We’ll be adding lots of before and after images as we grow, so be sure to check back often. If you decide to transform your beautiful home with one of our GarageSkins systems, please send your own before-and-after shots!

Meet Our Team

  • Rick Medlen


  • Julie Medlen

    Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer

  • Billy Newman

    Plant Manager