What are GarageSkins

A Needed Solution to an Age-Old Problem

The garage door. It's probably the largest feature of the front of our homes... and usually the one most ignored. We have it, it goes up and down, keeps the snow out and the cat in.

And that's it.

It's highly functional, but usually very plain. And with people spending over 457 billion dollars in home improvement every year (and that's just in the US!) you'd think that there would be a way to dramatically improve the look of this large portion of our homes.

But until now, the only way to improve a garage door's look was to paint it or completely replace it.

That's why we developed GarageSkins.

We started with a laser focus on giving the average homeowner the ability to have the luxurious look of a real wood garage door, but at an affordable price point. We wanted our overlay systems to exactly mimic a $15,000 real wood door down to the exact feel and dimensions.

And we did it!

Our panels truly create the look of a real wood door. Since we use wood veneers and exactly duplicate the dimensions that builders of wood garage doors use, you can walk right up to our GarageSkins panels and you won't know that it's not a solid wood door. It even feels like real wood - because it is!

We've kept the panels' weight to a minimum, which you'll feel once you open the box. Even our Sample Paks are incredibly lightweight, and we include a piece of a real GarageSkins system so that you can truly tell the quality of system you will be installing on your home.

Please read this site carefully. We've lab and real-world tested our systems intensively, and have the reports uploaded here for review. There's an interview from a garage door professional here talking about the effect of adding weight to your garage door and what can be done if it seems that your existing system is straining to keep up.

Please watch the video here about measuring your garage door to make sure our systems will fit.

Dig deep. There's a ton of information here as this type of product has never before been available.

If you still have questions, please reach out to a Customer Service agent at customerservice@garageskins.com.

Happy reading!

Watch this detailed review from Kelli @myhouseof8

GarageSkins Are:

Incredibly Lightweight

Our GarageSkins systems will add between 50 - 60 lbs to a two-car standard garage door and 25 - 30 lbs. to a one-car door.

With hundreds of systems installed from Alaska to Florida, we are only aware of a very few times that this additional weight has required a hardware upgrade to a home's opening systems.

If anything, just a visit from a garage door professional and a spring adjustment should suffice if you are noticing any straining on your garage door's springs. This tighter tension could have the effect of shortening the life of your springs, but just slightly.

You can hear more from a garage door professional installer by clicking the button below.

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Magnetically Attached

Magnets are the key. Instead of gluing or screwing our panels onto your existing door, you simply get them close, then feel the magnets "snap" the panel onto the door.

Our rare-earth magnets are up to 100 times stronger than a standard refrigerator magnet, and are epoxy coated so that there will be no rust staining down the road.

One great advantage of using magnets is that you can slightly adjust them if you don't initially have them lined up perfectly. We place extra large magnets in the bottom panels so that closing the garage door won't move the panels when it hits the concrete.

Magnets make installation a breeze and allow for removal down the road when you are ready for a change!

Made To Last

One of the first questions that should come to mind is "how long will they last?"

We've all seen what the elements do to real wood. Unless it's a species that's incredibly high in oil content (teak, ipe) most wood absorbs water, then swells, cracks, freezes, and invites mold and fungus in for dinner.

Not ours! We use a specially treated wood veneer that has a 50 year guarantee from any rotting or movement due to moisture.

It's taken us years to develop this process, and we had to. There's no way that we could hang regular, off-the-shelf wood on a garage door only to have the sprinklers, snow and ice, rain and wind pound our systems, and still have them look great unless we had taken the utmost care in providing a wood that will last.

Don't believe it? Click the button below to see our professional lab results. Or better yet, order a Sample Pak and soak the large GarageSkins sample in water overnight. You'll see that, while being real wood, our products are rock solid and made to last.

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10 Years in Development

While this concept may be brand new to most homeowners, we've been developing this idea for 10 years.

Over that time, we've been blessed to have been surrounded by some very smart people in their fields, and all have contributed to the success we are now seeing.

We here at GarageSkins, Inc. are proud to be able to provide the everyday homeowner with a dress-up product that can so dramatically up-scale their house, and be able to do so at a reasonable cost.

Thank you again for considering adding GarageSkins to your beautiful home!

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