Terms of Service

Terms of Service Needed

We get it. Ordering the correct system isn't like ordering a pizza. You have to make sure the system will fit, select the correct width for your garage door's opening, then navigate our online store.

We've created a step-by-step video that can help guide you through the process. We assume you've already downloaded our measurement form, watched our measuring video, and checked the compatibility chart for the correct size.

This video picks up there and takes you through the customer journey to actually get your order placed. Please watch to the end and as always, if you need a question answered or a helping hand in ordering, please contact us at customerservice@garageskins.com.


Importance of Photos

It is important to take accurate photos of your current garage door. They will need to be submitted before we can release your order to production to be sure your door will work with our GarageSkins systems.

For best results stand approximately 20 feet from your garage door and take a horizontal photo (like shown to the left) of your entire door.

Also please include a photo of your garage door completely closed from the inside. That helps us determine if your opening system is compatible.


Step 1: Select Your Color

Please note that these color swatches are just a representation of what the actual stain on the actual wood will look like. Each monitor or device will display color differently, so if you are wanting to know exactly what your GarageSkins system will look like, please order a Sample Pak which includes the real wood we use with the real stain applied.

Our Sample Paks also include a larger piece showing the exact feel of your GarageSkins system, including the weight and durability.

Step 2: Select Your Pattern

We have developed patterns that exactly simulate the majority of the real wood garage door systems on the market today. As we grow and hear from more and more customers, we'll add patterns as we see the need.

Please check out our photo gallery as we have many installed systems in each pattern that will show exactly how they will appear on your home.