Will it Fit My Door?

If your garage door was installed after 1978, chances are you have an overhead panelized door that retracts into the garage on a set of overhead tracks, like the photo here.

This makes it easy to predict the size of your garage door and manufacture our panels to fit. Our standard systems fit single-car garage doors that are 8', 9' and 10' wide, and two-car garage doors that are 16',18' and 20' wide. We manufacture 7' tall and 8' tall systems.

However, what we can't predict is how the builder constructed the framing around your garage door. What really matters is the opening between your weatherstripping, since that's where our panels sit. All measurements should be taken from the inside edge of the weatherstripping, not the framing.

We ask that you follow this 3-step process to make sure our systems will fit. Nothing worse than ordering, waiting for arrival, and the anticipation of unboxing only to discover that it's not a fit.

  • STEP 1

    Measure your garage door's opening. If you haven't watched our measuring video, please do so here and have the form handy to write down measurements.

  • STEP 2

    Check the chart below to determine if your measurements fall within the tolerances. If so, congratulations! Your home is compatible with our GarageSkins systems!!

    If not, please email customerservice@garageskins.com to see when we will be able to do custom orders.

  • STEP 3

    Send photos and measuring form to customerservice@garageskins.com and we'll review. If all looks good, we'll send a confirmation email and next steps to ordering. Doing this step beforehand makes it much faster to hand off to production and get your system to you faster.


Individual Panel Heights

You may notice that individual panels are of different heights. Please email your measurement form and photos to customerservice@garageskins.com to determine if your door fits into our standard measurement guidelines before ordering.

Importance of Photos

It is important to take accurate photos of your current garage door. They will need to be submitted before we can release your order to production to ensure that your door will work with our GarageSkins systems.

For best results stand approximately 20 feet from your garage door and take a horizontal photo (like shown to the left) of your entire door.

Also please include a photo of your garage door completely closed from the inside. That helps us determine if your opening system is compatible.

Angled and Arched Openings

Many homes built in the last 40 years have the added architectural feature of garage door openings that have either angled corners, or an arched top.

Our GarageSkins panels sit on top of your metal garage door. Unfortunately if you have angled or arched upper framing, there just isn't space for our panels to sit properly.

We have a solution in development that can address this situation, however with the demand for our product being overwhelming, we will not have this solution available until potentially 2025.

If you do have this framing, it is possible to have it modified to a square opening, or contact a Customer Service agent to be added to a notification list that will alert you once our solution is in place.

There is a possibility that your arched or angled framing is just decorative and that the actual opening the garage door sits in is squared off. See image to the left for an example. If there is clearance of at least 1" from the decorative framing to the garage door, our systems will be compatible.

Please submit close-up photos and measurement form to a Customer Service agent at customerservice@garageskins.com to determine eligibility.