Lab Tested

Will it last?

Of course one overriding question is: "How will it hold up to the crazy weather?"

The vast majority of our development and testing has been to ensure that our GarageSkins systems are stable to whatever is thrown at them: rain, snow, ice, sleet, sprinklers, and intense Southwest sunshine, etc.

We utilize a special type of wood that, while able to absorb water and humidity, does not shrink or swell as does most wood. This means that, no matter what type of water environment is thrown at it, you will not experience hairline cracks that leads to ice cracking, fungus penetration, or moisture damage.

We coat our systems with a specially-developed UV-cured polymer coating that gives them protection from the baking sunshine, and helps keep the moisture out.

Check out our university lab results below to see how we'll hold up out there in the "real" world!

Oregon State University Lab Report

We have conducted 3 different accelerated weathering tests at Oregon State University's Wood Innovation Center as we've continued development on our GarageSkins systems. While we are very happy with the stable results we are seeing and know that our products will remain a vibrant part of your home's curb appeal for years to come, we will continue to improve and perfect our GarageSkins systems, including adding new innovations and adaptations.