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Three Steps to Success




    Please download our measurement form and measure your garage door. If you have multiple doors, complete a form for each one.



    Please review our garage door requirements below before ordering.

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    Once your order is placed our customer service will reach out for your current garage door images, or you can send in your photos and measurement form before ordering to ensure compatibility.

    If you have questions please email or call us.

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Compatibility and Requirements

  • Sectional and Tilt-Up

    Approved Garage Styles:

    1. Sectional garage door with powered opener.
    2. Tilt-up or canopy garage door with powered opener.
  • Must Be Metal

    GarageSkins systems utilize Rare Earth Magnets to attach to customer's garage door. Your garage doors must be metal or have a metal frame on the inside of the garage door for magnetism.

    If you are unsure if your garage door has the ability for a magnet to attach, test your garage door by placing a refrigerator magnet to see if there is a magnetic connection.

  • Standard Lift

    Garage doors must be a standard lift for our GarageSkins panels to operate correctly on your door. High lift doors pull the garage door straight up initially, which will make the upper GarageSkins panels hit the framing.

    If your garage door doesn't lift away from the framing immediately when opening, our systems will not fit and will be damaged.

  • Sections

    The sections on your garage door may vary in height, please check all sections. We can fabricate some combinations of size, but not all at this time. By submitting your measurements to us we will be able to let you know if your combination can be fabricated.

    The very top section of your garage door will have a portion that sits behind the frame of the garage door opening when the garage door is fully closed. This will give the appearance that the top section is not the same height as the other sections when it actually is. If more than 3 inches in behind the garage door framing, then your GarageSkins system would fall into the custom order category.

  • No Significant Damage

    If your door has significant damage, you will need to have that section replaced before our GarageSkins panels will attach correctly.

    The magnets of the GarageSkins system must attach to the flat surface of garage door.

    If garage door has significant dents or bows in/out, this will prevent the GarageSkins system from functioning appropriately and will not give the desired appearance.

  • No Exterior Accessories

    For our GarageSkins panels to lay flat on your garage door, you will need to remove all security locks, handles and decorative hardware.

    GarageSkins system must have a flat/flush surface and any handles or security locks will prevent the GarageSkins system from functioning correctly and will not give the desired appearance.

    You would need to remove outside handles/security locks for our panels to lay flat against your garage door. This, however, could affect the functionality of your garage door's locking mechanism. Sliding locks can be purchased to secure your door from the inside.

    Our GarageSkins panels have magnets inset in strategic places that allow you to add steel faux carriage house hardware. At no time should you ever drill into your GarageSkins panels to attach anything as this will void your warranty. See your installation manual for correct placement of any steel faux hardware. Compatible sets of faux hardware can be purchased in our store.

  • No Windows with Molding

    Your new GarageSkins system must have a flat/flush surface to lay on so all rare earth magnets on the GarageSkins system panel can connect to your garage door.

    Windows on the your garage door that have moldings will cause an issue where the GarageSkins system 's magnets will not attach flush, and therefore will not provide the strongest holding power.

    our GarageSkins system should function correctly if there is no molding around your windows.

    If you have windows in your existing garage door, please reach out to for options.

  • Arched or Angled Framing

    If your garage door's framing has arches or angled corners on top, our system won't work unless they are false and there is a gap between the angle or arch and the garage door of at least 1".

  • Non-Compatible

    Roll Up Garage Doors, Slide to the Side Garage Doors, or Side Hinged Garage Doors.

    Our GarageSkins systems are not designed to overlay an existing wooden garage door.

    High-lift systems are not compatible. If your garage door goes straight up when opening and doesn't immediately tilt away from the framing, our GarageSkins systems will not work.

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