What Happens Next

Once you've placed your order, several things will start to happen:

  • 1. Customer Service Approval

    If we have not yet received your measuring form and photos, we will reach out to you requesting these.

    Once we receive these, our Customer Service agents will review and if there are any issues, we'll reach out.

  • 2. Release to Production

    Once we've reviewed your order and determined that it's compatible with our production, we'll move your order into the queue.

  • 3. Production and Shipping

    Once your order is moved onto the production schedule, you'll receive an email with more details.

    As your system is produced, you will receive periodic progress emails.

It's Shipped!

Of course the best email is the one giving you a tracking number! At this time you may receive a call from our Customer Service agents to quickly go over the installation process, and how to best care for your new GarageSkins system once installed.

It's important to review the installation video at this time to refresh yourself on best practices to use during installation.

We ask that you snap a couple of photos of your installed system and send our way!!! We love the feedback.

Production Times are Approximate

While we endeavor to meet our predicted timelines, many things can affect this, such as weather, raw materials, and plant outages.

We will stay in touch with you throughout the process and alert you to any changes in schedule.

Thank you again for choosing to add a GarageSkins system to your home! We can't wait to see the "after" shots.