Hear From A Pro

Your garage door's opening and closing mechanism is a finely tuned system that was calibrated specifically for the weight of your garage door when it was installed. Adding up to 60lbs for a 2-car door may impact the functionality of your system. Please watch this video as our local garage door pro walks through the impact of adding GarageSkins to your home.


Every community in America has at least one garage door service provider that is highly trained in garage door opening mechanisms. While we've found that most systems can handle the additional weight of our panels, we do recommend that you schedule a service call from a local provider that can, if necessary, adjust your springs.

We have found that unless your garage door opener is older and underpowered, you most likely will not have to have it replaced. Simply adjusting the springs will take any additional stress off of your opener.

Please consult your local pro for any additional needed information.