Our GarageSkins systems will add approx. 25 lbs to a single car door, and 50 lbs to a double car door. While this is in the tolerance range of most opening systems, we strongly recommend that once you've installed our panels, you contact a local garage door pro to check your door for balance and retension your springs if needed.

I’m concerned that since the panels aren’t permanently attached, they may be stolen?

We have yet to have a report of one of our systems being stolen.

However, this might be a concern if you live in an area that has a high theft rate.  

While a thief would have to know that these were GarageSkins system panels and not an actual garage door they could theoretically take all 16 or 20 panels off your door and transport them away.  

A small dab of pure silicone placed at each corner of each panel before installation would suffice to make it difficult to just pop off an individual panel.

Please be aware that should you need to replace a panel or remove it, there is a potential for damage to the GarageSkins system panel, which would void the warranty.  

Why aren’t GarageSkins compatible with wooden garage doors?

Since our GarageSkins systems are attached with magnets, attaching to wood doors is not possible.

Also, most wooden garage doors are manufactured to that specific opening that they are intended for, and therefore aren’t a standard size.

I have a dent/ding in my metal garage door. Will the GarageSkins system still fit?

Only in the case of the smallest dings in your garage door will the GarageSkins system actually work.  This system was designed to embellish a functional, multi-panel modern metal garage door, and our strong magnets will force the panels to mold to the shape of your garage door.  If there is no damage, the panels will lay flat, but if there is a significant ding/dent, the GarageSkins system will conform to that dent and will not mesh well with the other panels.  Best to have that individual panel replaced before adding the GarageSkins system.  Contact your local garage door provider for your best options.

Can I order a couple of replacement panels?

It happens. Junior has the car in drive instead of reverse, and BAM, bumper meets garage door. While there is some flexibility in our panels, should they be damaged, we can replace them by complete vertical section.

Our modular system and standardized sizing mean we can manufacture a complete vertical section that matches closely both pattern and color to your existing system. Please email us at customerservice@garageskins.com to discuss replacement panels.

I have windows in my garage door. Can I install a GarageSkins system?

Currently our GarageSkins systems do not have the option of including windows at the top.

However, if you do currently have windows but do not care about sunlight inside of your garage, you can overlay our GarageSkins panels right over your windows! Just make sure that there is no window molding protruding from your door, as our panels must lay flat for the magnets to attached properly.

We currently are developing “WindowSkins” which will add a window look to the upper panels. Please see the GarageSkins Store and if that option shows, it will be available to order along with additional information.

Is a GarageSkins system paintable?

Our GarageSkins systems are coated with a thin layer of UV-resistant material, and therefore are not designed to be painted.

Products are being developed that will provide a paintable surface.  

The original GarageSkins system was developed to simulate the look of a high-end solid wood carriage house styled door and all our R&D has been around providing a beautiful wood exterior.  We have been contacted many times by people looking for a product like ours that is also paintable, so those systems are in development.  

Please check back or email customerservice@garageskins.com to be placed on a list of people interested in paintable GarageSkins.

My garage door has a security handle in the center of the door. Can I still install a GarageSkins system?

Yes, but the outer portion of the security handle will have to be removed.  Typically, these are held on with a small set screw in the side that will release the handle.  If any portion of the mechanism underneath sticks out from the front of the metal garage door, it will also have to be removed.  There is no way to anticipate the location of your security handle, so there is no way for us to provide a through-hole during manufacturing.  Simply drilling a hole through your GarageSkins system will void the warranty an expose your GarageSkins system panel to the possibility of water damage.


Currently, our GarageSkins systems attach over your existing garage door, and if you have curved or beveled corners with the sides being lower than the center, there is no room for the overlays.

We will have a solution for these openings soon, please check in frequently or email customerservice@garageskins.com to be placed on a list of people interested in this solution.


We currently have 7 colors available: Bali Teak, Tennessee Walnut, American Chestnut, Brazilian Mahogany, Charcoal Black, Western Cedar and Barnwood Gray.  

You can see these color options as well as the patterns available on our home page or in our store here.

Can I custom order a GarageSkins system?

Our GarageSkins systems are designed to fit most garage doors installed in the past 30 years.

While there are some garage doors that are of a different size or configuration, we are not yet large enough to be able to accept custom orders.

Please check back frequently to see if this has changed.


We use very high-powered neodymium magnets to hold our panels to your garage door. Unfortunately, these strong magnets also attract small metal particles out of the air, and over time small circles of these particles can appear on your door.

To clean these DO NOT RUB THEM! Simply use compressed air, such as you would use on a computer keyboard, to blow these particles off. Even in the highest particle area, you should only have to do this every 6 months or so.


GarageSkins systems are available in the US and Canada.

Please note that there are additional shipping charges to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii:

Canadian shipping is currently $149 for a single-car door and $249 for a double-car door.

Alaska and Hawaii shipping will incur an additional $150 for a single-car door and additional $300 for a double-car door.

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