Installation Instructions

Please watch the video below and download our installation manual to get a good feel for what installing our GarageSkins systems will entail.

Simply taking the panels out of the box and randomly snapping them onto your garage door will not give great results, so please watch before opening your GarageSkins box!

There are some good tricks and tips in the video... happy watching!

Installation Steps

  • 1. Clean Door

    24 hours before installation, please wash your garage door with a grease-cutting detergent such as Dawn.

  • 2. Open Box A

    Be sure to read the full manual before beginning installation. Also it's a good practice to re-watch the installation video.

  • 3. Open Door 1/2 Way

    Open your garage door ½ way and find the center mark.

  • 4. Install Panels

    Install your panels in the order of the packing after you open. Please note that the lower and upper rows are not installed left to right. See installation instructions for details.

  • 5. Adjust

    Adjust panels to ensure tight fit. Make sure you have a firm grasp of the overlay portion as trying to pry them with your fingers could result in damaging the veneers.

  • 6. Test

    Test the opening and closing of your door. If needed, schedule a visit from your local garage door expert to adjust springs.

Download Installation Manual

Download our full installation manual before opening your package.